Ongoing Classes

“One God, Many Paths: Jewish Ethics for Ethical Jews”

Have you ever wondered: “Do I have to tell the truth if it will hurt someone? Have I found my true soul mate? Is it wrong to treat my children differently? Most of us have asked these or similar questions at some point in our life. Through readings from Lederman’s books, To Life! Jewish Reflections on Everyday Living and One God, Many Paths: Finding Meaning and Inspiration in Jewish Teachings, in addition to other relevant texts, we will explore how the answers to complex ethical and moral dilemmas affect and define our relationships, work and community life as we struggle to find meaning in a complicated world.

“Judaism and the Justices: The Lives and Legacies of the Jewish Supreme Court Justices”

This course explores the lives and seminal legal decisions of the 8 Jewish Supreme Court Justices. From the appointment of Justice Louis Brandeis in 1916 to Justice Elana Kagan in 2010, these exceptional  justices have    impacted our legal system through a wide variety of decisions affecting our rights and responsibilities as Americans.

“Four Fascinating Jewish Trials that Changed History”

This series of lectures on fascinating Jewish trials will include the Dreyfus Affair, the Leo Frank Case, the Rosenberg Espionage Case, and Goldman vs. Weinberger. Each lecture will examine the historical, political, economic, and religious influences during the period in which the case emerges to provide a greater appreciation of the interplay between history, politics and law. Continuing Legal Credit (CLE) available.

“Hadassah’s Love of Learning: Great Jewish Literature”

Enjoy the richness and diversity of Jewish literature in seven monthly group-facilitated sessions. Together you will explore the meaning and relevance of some of the best stories by Jewish authors like I. B. Singer, Philip Roth, Grace Paley and Allegra Goodman.

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