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The Internet is an amazing tool to help us connect  in ways not previously imagined. Not only can you find an author’s website such as mine, but you can also find out how I can visit your group or community too – in real space or cyberspace!

There are many ways that we can connect. If you have a book group and would like a video chat with me, all you need is a laptop, a webcam and a high speed internet connection (though a video projector would be better for everyone in the audience to see).

If you are looking for a guest speaker, workshop or retreat facilitator, or scholar-in-residence,  I invite you to contact me and we can discuss the best way to make that happen. Please fill out this form. The more information I have the better I can meet your needs.

Don’t be shy. Feel free to email me with any questions you have and I promise to get back to you! My best to you,


E-mail: alederman18@gmail.com
Please fill out this form to request Amy to speak to your group.